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Amundi, the leading European

asset manager

« Under Yves Perrier’s leadership, Amundi enjoyed outstanding development, becoming the indisputable European leader and one of the world leaders in asset management. »
Xavier Musca
Chair of the Board of Directors of Amundi*
Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Crédit Agricole S.A.
« To pass on the general management torch, I am pleased that Valérie Baudson has been chosen by the Board, because I have total confidence in her ability to continue and amplify Amundi’s development trajectory. »
Yves Perrier
Chief Executive Officer of Amundi*
Chair of the Board of Directors of Amundi*
« It is an honour to be appointed Chief Executive Officer of Amundi and to succeed Yves Perrier. I know that I can rely on his support. I look forward to continuing to develop the company, in line with our strategy, which has been driving Amundi’s success since its creation. »
Valérie Baudson
Chief Executive Officer of Amundi*
*On 10 May 2021, the date of the shareholders’ meeting, Amundi governance changes as follows:
- Valérie Baudson replaces Yves Perrier as Chief Executive Officer,
- Yves Perrier takes on the role of Chair of the Board of Amundi, succeeding Xavier Musca.