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In 2020, Support functions and Technology services experienced many challenges

The pandemic has unquestionably trained a spotlight on the importance of having technological tools that can ensure the continued functioning of business and development regardless of circumstances. Access to proprietary tools, like the ALTO(1) system that Amundi has developed, is a tremendous advantage. Technology is and will remain a critical asset.


International growth in the asset management business can pose a challenge for Support and Control functions: a greater range of national regulations, greater variety in the nature of activities and multiculturalism. At Amundi, these functions have been reinvented in accordance with a twofold approach of decentralisation and subsidiarity.


For Human Resources, the efforts were made in two areas: maintaining the health and safety of employees and ensuring business continuity. This period brought out the best of everyone in terms of worker autonomy and management techniques, and it accelerated the digitalisation of processes, both internal and external. Amundi will capitalise on this experience to improve its approach to work.


In 2020, Amundi continued to amplify its corporate social and environmental responsibility (CSR) commitments. They are focused on reducing and limiting the company’s environmental footprint,  fighting discrimination and promoting equal opportunities while ensuring the transparency and integrity of its governance, developing long-term support for worthy causes and championing employee engagement in France and abroad.


(1) Amundi Leading Technologies & Operations.

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Amundi once again received an A+ from Fitch Ratings in May 2020.


Amundi improves its pay ratio

Since 2018, Amundi has calculated a representative pay ratio for its global business. This indicator tracks the relationship between the average compensation of a company’s leadership and median pay for salaried workers. A lower ratio indicates a less discrepancy. For 2020, Amundi’s pay ratio stood at 21, one of the lowest recorded by a company in the SBF 120 index.

Amundi Technology, a new business line dedicated to IT products and services

Since its founding in 2010, Amundi has always had its own IT platform, ALTO(1). This powerful and flexible tool, covering the entire savings and asset management value chain, enables the company to provide the very best management for clients. In 2016, Amundi began making these cutting-edge technology services available to other players. Building on this experience, Amundi has decided to expand this development by creating a new business line, which will rely on dedicated IT and sales teams. The addressable market has great potential and Amundi Technology aims for annual revenues of €150 million by 2025.


(1) Amundi Leading Technologies & Operations.

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